it's the first time i've done a multi-fandom post around here. do bear with me. *nods* as always, take what you want and remember to credit! (comments are also awesome.)

[01 - 14] - top gear (texture in #2 courtesy [ profile] urbanstrokes; texture in #5 courtesy; #13 is a screencap from the TG live promo vid on youtube; other photos from TG website or elsewhere)

[15 - 28] - the who (most pics nicked from [ profile] the_who_pinups; texture in #26 courtesy [ profile] shalowater)

[29 - 56] - road to avonlea (original screencaps from various eps + a couple of official photos; texture in #32 from unknown source)

[57 - 60] - the border (official pics)


TEASER! Icon 027 TEASER! Icon 044 TEASER! Icon 051

i am on the cutting edge of not getting fooled again on the red roads near the border...or something. )