And by "insufferable oaf", I mean that big fat 6'5" bloke off Top Gear. The Clarksonator. *nods*

So in honour of his 52nd, have some icons and friends-only banners from his 2010 DVD offering, The Italian Job. *nods* With a cameo appearance by Steve the Mechanic. ;)

(If only I'd snagged Powered Up. Then you'd have more Jezza!icons. On the other hand, I still have to icon the last two episodes of Top Gear Series 18. *nods*)

Total Icon Count: 25


Hello. Welcome to Italy. )

2 × Friends-Only Banners
Power, power, power! )
This one's for all the James and Richard fans. :) (Jeremy fans will have their turn soonish.)

57 × Top Gear Apocalypse
37 × Top Gear at the Movies
(texture credit: [ profile] innocent_lexys)

And some bonus iconses...

1 × Ja+R from a scan from Nuts magazine
4 × Richard on his own (from TG website)



I really enjoyed our day out together, Richard.... )

And two Friends-Only banners :)

It's not very often I get to take someone out to a nice dinner. )