This one's for all the James and Richard fans. :) (Jeremy fans will have their turn soonish.)

57 × Top Gear Apocalypse
37 × Top Gear at the Movies
(texture credit: [ profile] innocent_lexys)

And some bonus iconses...

1 × Ja+R from a scan from Nuts magazine
4 × Richard on his own (from TG website)



I really enjoyed our day out together, Richard.... )

And two Friends-Only banners :)

It's not very often I get to take someone out to a nice dinner. )

ooooh, moar iconses! i'm on a roll!

  • Feb. 15th, 2011 at 8:06 PM
001 - 003 ~ random james may (#3 may've been in a previous icon dump; i can't remember)
004 - 007 ~ random richard hammond (three with mindy)
008 - 105 ~ top gear (16x01 rehearsal, 2011 NTAs; 15x03 - 15x07)

texture credits: (#8 and #71), (#38), (#73)

Total Icon Count: 105


"why are you turning him around?" / "so i can shoot him in the BACK! 'cause that's how it's done -- in the BACK!" )

a spot of may and hammond

  • Jun. 12th, 2010 at 7:26 PM
so. there'll be a new series of TG starting in a couple of weeks. in honour of that...some fresh(ish) james and richard to spruce up your icon collection (with cameos by their other halves). along with a few friends-only banners.

friends only banners
1 - top gear (12x05; original cap)
1 - hammond meets moss (original cap)
1 - james may's top toys (original cap)

ta-da... )

[001 - 025] james may's top toys (original caps)
[026 - 037] hammond meets moss (original caps)
[038 - 040] richard and mindy at the rpj crohns event + misc. hamster


Icons Here! )
6 - top gear (various seasons; no spoilers unless you're in the US and waiting for the bolivia special to air on BBC america...which i kinda doubt, but you never know. original screencaps.)
5 - ashes to ashes (various seasons; no spoilers; official pics + screencaps from [ profile] nancherrow)
2 - richard hammond (...meets evel knievel. original screencaps.)

use what you like (please upload to your own space!). give credit where it's due. :)

this-a-way... )
well, it is after midnight in blighty, meaning the angry short bloke from top gear hamster has crossed the threshold of forty. for him, it'll probably mean the worst hangover (long dramatic pause) in the world (the fella wasn't really looking forward to the big day, after all) and time with the fam (whom he worships). for us fans? i come bearing iconses...and there are many, many iconses.

[001 - 074] - S2 of engineering connections (mostly original screencaps; three official pics used)
[075 - 094] - ...and the holy grail (original screencaps)
[095 - 099] - childrens baftas (official pics)
[100 - 116] - ...meets evel knievel (original screencaps)

textures courtesy of [ profile] luxx_lu (#64), [ profile] nivani (#38), and (#103). comments are awesomeness; credit brings you good karma.


TEASER! Icon 020 TEASER! Icon 092 TEASER! Icon 097

there's a lot of 'em... )